Keeping horses is by its very nature not one of the greenest activities. Transport of personnel and carriages require a lorry. Ensuring supplies and material can be delivered to our field and stables requires a big 4×4 to do the job.
Nevertheless one can do one’s bit for the environment within the limitations set by the business one is in.

Biels has planned from the outset to use nature’s limited resources responsibly.

  • We generate our own electricity for day-to-day use (stable lighting, electric fence).
  • Rainwater is collected from the stable roofs and used as drinking water for the horses (we’ve noticed they actually prefer it over tap water)
  • Manure produced by the horses is used by one of our local farm shops.
  • Hedgerows are not cut until the fruits (e.g. rose hips, sloe, blackberries) are eaten by the birds.

   Solar panels